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Survey Results

We surveyed our loyal customers to see what they're looking for RIGHT NOW. We want to work with you to make this knowledge actionable and create the best auctions that have the highest likelihood of getting you the funding you need — and deserve!

How Customer Service Can Turn Bidders Into Donors

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Issue 01

How Customer Service Can Turn Bidders Into Donors

May 2020

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Many Charitybuzz customers you meet will be new to your organization or your issue area, and would appreciate a quick chat with your Executive Director or someone else on the team. Personalization and time up-front can go a long way in relationship-building.

Some Charitybuzz winners may come into the experience energized about giving back and primed to take their support a step further. We recommend going into your experience prepared to answer questions about your fundraising focus and financial needs, volunteer and in-kind opportunities, and corporate partnerships.

Finally, proactivity and timeliness is important. The Charitybuzz auction experience moves at a quick pace; our high bidders appreciate quick, personalized responses as well as proactive outreach to make sure everything is on track.

Interested in more customer service tips from our team? Read more about the power of relationships during the pandemic from VP of Customer Operations Dwayne David and VP of Campaign Development Nicole Orzo here. 

- Janai Speer

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Now, more than ever, we realize the value of each and every one of our charity auction winners. To us, they’re winners, to you, they’re donors. This generous community of Charitybuzz customers continues to impress us with their high bids, enthusiasm and loyalty to your organizations. In response to the unanticipated shifts due to COVID-19, Charitybuzz is taking action to ensure our customers receive the best experience possible, and come back again to bring you new, unrestricted funds. We ask that you join us.

Many of you have already adapted to provide exciting 
virtual experiences to be fulfilled instantly at home, which have been performing even better than expected. Our recently-closed Music auction offered even more proof that our model is working, despite the challenging times.

For those of you managing lots that originally had 2020 deadlines, we hope to work with you on extending that timing to ensure winners are able to redeem their experiences and avoid scheduling issues. We want to do what is best for everyone and, ultimately, help you raise the most for your important missions.

Now is also a great time to show winners extra love.

See #DoMore Survey Results!
See Travel Survey Results

Over half of our customers are ready to start booking travel, with 89% looking to get away domestically. 

Virtual Survey Results

Our customers are looking for new Virtual Experiences, with 95% saying "give me more!"

See All Survey Results

Get insight from over 1000+ survey responses from our most loyal customers and fans.

What We Did

Surveyed Out Loyalists

We sent out a focused survey to our most active and loyal bidders. We turned that info into
this story.

Meet our #DoMore campaign, an initiative to increase impact and deliver MORE to you and our benevolent bidders.

"Planted the Seed"

Our traffic and transaction numbers are stronger than expected as of late. With that data and the survey results, we aim to strategically raise more funds for you, now!

Compiled All Insights


Increase in Website Traffic YTD vs 2019

Increase in Avg Transactions YTD vs 2019


Increase in Bids/Day the last 60 days


Increase in Watches/Day the last 60 days


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Data Story: Travel

Over 50% of our survey responders indicated they are ready to start booking travel — if they haven't already! 89% of responders say they're starting with domestic U.S. travel and 55% are already looking into 
international travel plans.

As mentioned, over 50% of our survey responders indicated they are ready to start booking travel — if they haven't already! With 89% of responders saying Domestic Travel is where they would start. Yet, 55% of responders are already looking into international travel plans

Data Story: All Experiences

Caption Copy

Experience: Signed Guitar From the Legendary Slash

Memorabilia lot exceeding the goal

Experience: Virtual Cooking Class with Chef José Andrés

Virtual Experience exceeding the goal

Our partner, The Gavel Group, is the nation's largest producer of charity auctions. Being severely impacted by the pandemic, they turned to us to amplify their fundraising efforts during this time.


"Charitybuzz has been a Godsend for our clients, as the site’s international audience has continued to support charities through their bidding throughout these challenging times. Without Charitybuzz, many of our charity partners would be forced to curtail services to those they serve."

About #DoMore

#DoMore with our Partners

Together with you, we'll #DoMore to continuously deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences to bidders.

Together with our customers, we'll #DoMore to drive impact for the causes we all care about.

#DoMore with our Customers

Together, as a company, we aim to #DoMore to remain relentlessly committed to bringing you value.

#DoMore as a Company

"Together, we can Do More" is a concept focused around community and the idea of coming together.

By coming together — not only can we do better — we can #DoMore

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We're waiting to hear from you and help out as much as possible in brainstorming ideas and creating auctions to help you raise more funds, NOW.

Let's #DoMore Together

Data Story: Travel Cont.

Customers are ready for travel with a lot of responses geared towards summer vacations, road-trip traveling, and visits to secluded getaways. Many responses also included traveling to major cities that they haven't been able to frequent in quite some time. The list of the top cities can be found below.

Data Story: Virtual

Due to the current landscape, we quickly pivoted to a model that would allow us to continue to serve our customers with the extraordinary experiences they're used to. We introduced a variety of new Virtual Experiences that our customers loved. From customers surveyed, 95% indicated they wanted to see more! Here are the categories they were interested in.

Data Story: All Experiences

The last question we asked our Charitybuzz loyalists was if you could choose one aspirational experience, what would it be? For fun, we included a list of responses for you to look over to help with the brainstorming of your next auction with us.

Case Studies

Below are a few examples of recent experiences we've launched that have exceeded fundraising expectations. With our new approach and working collectively with our charity partners, we aim to deliver more of these results for you.

Experience: Virtual Meet-and-Greet with Kenan Thompson

Virtual Experience exceeding the goal


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